Meet The World


We value communication with people

We cherish every single exhibition, especially since 2019 when the world is shrouded in the shadow of COVID19, every opportunity to meet our customers face to face becomes even more important.
Wooden flooring is a product that needs to be touched with the hands, seen with the naked eye, and even smelled with the nose. Wooden products exude an innate natural scent and feel intimate, feelings that are difficult to perceive through a screen, and we are very happy to bring our excellent products to our customers so that they can personally feel the craftsmanship and performance of the wooden flooring from us
Flooring is also a work of art, excellent flooring is often able to accompany the owner for a long time, a house may only use the flooring once from the beginning to the end, this is what we are take effort for, flooring that can accompany the user for life, although it is something to step on, but also an intimate contact, we ensure that our products can bring a harmonious atmosphere to house decoration, to bring the breath of nature to each customer.

Hannover, Germany


Shanghai, China

Autumn, 2021