Building Utopia in the City
This is a study of a decorative case

Hidden city is probably the common peach dream of urbanites.

Throughout the day and throughout the year, the contours of the city and the patterns of the trees change. The owner wants to create a space where he can stay and vacation. Here, the perception and embrace of "beauty" is self-evident, and this pursuit is carried by the longing for distant places deeply rooted in the blood.

A sense of harmony in wood

City life makes people want to press the restart button every once in a while and live meaninglessly for a few days with nothing to do. I often wonder how to leave an exit for the dull life over the city like the wind passing through the ears, unless the encounter is as sensitive as a young girl.

The look before

The original layout is actually an extremely square one-bedroom apartment with a south-facing balcony in each room and hall, but unfortunately they are independent and are separated by the outdoor air conditioning unit in the middle. This kind of "cramped" seems to be commonplace in small homes.

The way it looks now

From the guest dining room through the black archway towards the small wooden platform at the near end, on the left side is a storage cabinet with continuous mirrored cabinet doors with a reversible dressing table board. It makes the best use of the limited space and provides the possibility for elegant living.

The three-step terrace composed of wooden flooring constitutes another place to rest on the balcony.Not only does it provide a higher view of the landscape, but it also makes efficient use of the remaining space that is difficult to use. The clever idea of the design here is that the lower part of the small wooden platform is an outdoor air conditioning unit that is moved to a corner, and the upper part is a small corner where you can read a book and drink tea.

The floor and steps are naturally not empty, but a hidden space for storage. The small animal-shaped ceramic handle is a treasure detail that the homeowner wanted to present.

On the other side of the balcony, the mid-century furniture and green ph5 mini provide a lulling experience like a boutique cafe. The matte black cabinets are hidden in the background of the space, making it a quiet place. A small-scale walnut round table was chosen to match two special mid-century dining chairs from Tokyo, one in the shape of Ton14 with embossed patterns on the seat and the other with vintage studs, chic and stylish.