Case Study | Modern style villa, outlining the beauty of geometry

Case Study | Modern style villa, outlining the beauty of geometry

Architectural design is a social act that is both ambitious and conceptual, interactive and artistic, it is an artistic act that can reflect society, architects need to build their own architectural language, understand and find their own voice, for architecture is empty in itself, what to do is to build self, and everything is in a dynamic, everything is only temporary and can be continuously To be rethought, to extract the parts that fit the focus, to use this to emphasize one's own design, to compose one's own architectural manifesto

The designer puts aside the complex factors and focuses on the architectural elements of point, line and surface, breaking up and reconstructing the elements in the contradiction of conflict and harmony, and making appropriate treatment on the basis of simplicity and rationality.

Throughout the space, a repetitive geometric language is used as a cue to thread through the interior. The sculptural design is derived from the arch elements, which are perfectly integrated with the wall sequence strip elements, both classically elegant and refined, outlining the exquisite texture, and able to distill the suitable elements intact among the accumulated design elements, forming a structural aesthetics beyond what the architecture gives

Point, line, surface in accordance with certain laws, and then use regular or irregular methods to travel new forms of beauty, black and white tones with irregular geometric language, both sensible and tasteful. The round chandelier uses the circle to do break processing, as if the stars inspire creativity. Hanging paintings with a strong sense of line decoration, increasing the sense of rhythm and art

The art salon area focuses on the matrix layout of points, wall hangings black and white points wandering eventually forming lines, from lines to surfaces, surfaces through the architect's unique architectural language eventually forming a unique three-dimensional space. The sideboard is both point surface shaping and single chair to form a material echo, the ubiquitous design language will be combined with lyrical sentiment and philosophy, expressing the exploration of art as always and

The model display area is mainly to display the architect's works, the display table shape echoes the architectural model, the irregular lines are simple and powerful, and at the same time have the visual rhythm aesthetics, which enriches the level changes of space.

In architectural creation, architects not only need to achieve the harmony of the elements of architectural design from logical thinking, but also need the image thinking, inspiration and creative thinking in non-logical thinking, and strive to seek the combination of logic and non-logic, reflecting the conflict and harmony of architectural thinking.

The conference room focuses on three-dimensional composition and the relationship of lines. The wall reliefs inspired by the city map and the hand-drawn sketches reflect the architect's design language. The collision of geometric iron chairs and natural sitting squat with logs, the collision of log desk and acrylic material of legs, just like the collision of ideas in each meeting, is very fruitful.

The bedroom is a space for rest and privacy, and the geometric lines simplify the volume of space, eliminating the trivial, and creating a rational, simple and comfortable resting space under the abstract interpretation of basic elements, allowing people to unload their fatigue and eliminate all the hustle and bustle.